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Brian L. Bennett, Attorney at Law

Brian L. Bennett, Esq.

Attorney Bennett is a graduate of Penn State University, and the Valparaiso University School of Law. Bennett also served in the United States Navy, graduated from Great Lakes Naval Command Center and was stationed in Meridian Mississippi. As a former child/family therapist and director of an outpatient family counseling center – he offers a compassionate and understanding environment to address his clients’ unique, personal legal needs. Mr. Bennett has been through divorce with young children and many other life challenges, allowing potential clients to quickly learn his empathy and understanding are sincere . "The entire purpose of becoming an attorney was to provide dedicated - passionate advocacy to those in need. I wholeheartedly believe in our judicial system - and have tremendous respect for our legislature. I doubt many Indiana citizens read the state constitution. But the entirety of our state's foundation is based on equity and fairness. Sadly, this process of resolving issues is often time consuming, costly, and results in an emotional toll few predict properly. I always wanted to be the advocate someone could count on - and provide case dedication and litigation skills far exceeding the actual costs. In my opinion, I want those I serve to expect the best preparation, attention to detail and compassionate case managment - without the hourly costs associated with the top firms/attorneys. As silly as this is, I literally grew up watching Perry Mason - and wanting to work hard to help Courts reach the fairest result in every case." 

Brian received his Juris Doctor degree from the Valparaiso University School of law in 2007. As a Penn State Student - he proudly pledged Phi Kappa Psi - Pennsylvania Lambda Chapter. In addition to his legal career, Attorney Bennett is a proud addition to the Valparaiso community.  He was a head coach of  Pop Warner Youth Football for many years, including the 2011 - D3 Pee Wee Championship Team who won the Mid-America Pop Warner National Title. He supports and/or is actively involved in many social service, and charitable organizations/programs in an effort to help others. He has been an officer for the Valparaiso Vikings Quarterback Club since 2017, and currently serves as its President. Brian enjoys classic cars, motorcycles and any outdoor activity where there are many acres and few people. One of his favorite interests is SCUBA Diving. He was an assistant instructor for N.A.U.I. and has enjoyed many, many dives in Aruba, Jamaica, St. Maartin, Bahamas and from Puerto Avantaras, Mexico to the French River, Ontario Canada. "Its one of the few places where you cannot be distracted - and aside from seeing amazing acquatic life - the peace is unbelieveable".

Licensed to practice law in Indiana, this firm offers a wide range of legal services throughout Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Jasper, Starke, Pulaski and St. Joseph counties. Brian often accepts cases in additional counties when the time and costs are not unreasonable. If you have been referred to our firm, call and setup an initial appointment - regardless of the county your case is located. You may find Brian is able to help - allowing him to practice law in yet another of Indiana's amazing Courthouses! If we are not able to manage your particular case needs, Mr. Bennett will gladly refer you to a another colleague or law firm. 

Civil Litigation (Plaintiff/Defense)

·       Collections

·       Landlord/Tennant

·       Contracts

·       Remedies Available at Law

Family Law

·       Divorce/Legal Separation

·       Establishing/Modification of Child Support

·       Modification of Custody/Visitation

·       Establishing Paternity

·       Guardianship/Adoptions of Minors

·       Guardianship - Adults

·       Premarital (pre-nups) and Cohabitation Agreements/Contracts

Orders of Protection

·       Prosecution or Defense

Criminal Law

·       Misdemeanor/Felony Defense

Child in Need of Services [DCS – CHINS]

Juvenile Law/Delinquency

IDOE - Special Education Issues/Due Process, Etc.


Personal Injury

·       Accidents/Injuries

·       Victims Recovery

Employment Law

·       Civil/Federal Protection Violations

·       Worker’s Compensation

·       Unemployment Compensation

Estate Planning

·       Wills & Trusts

·       Healthcare Representative

·       Living Wills

·       Power of Attorney

Wedding Officiant

Attorney Bennett provides wedding officiant services upon approval of the Court. Contact our firm to setup an appointment to discuss your needs. 



Professional Organizations

Indiana Bar Association

Porter County Bar Association

American Bar Association

Brian was a director of an outpatient family counseling clinic for many years prior to entering law school. It is with this same care for those he serves his legal clients seem to most appreciate. There are few things more important than selecting the right attorney when your in a time of need. Whether you or a loved one are facing the emotional challenges in a possible divorce, a criminal case, starting a new business/partnership, selling/buying real estate, or almost any other legal matter, you will get an honest case assessment. Brian has throughout his career as an attorney provided blunt, and sometimes hard realties for some engaged in, or considering litigation. Our firm handles most case types including Adoptions through Wills/Estates. 

Bennett Legal provides free 30 minute initial consultations on any legal issue/questions. As a participant in the Indiana State Bar Association's "Lawyer for a Day" program, which annually celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, in service to others, he is of the belief that many wrongs continue because our community members are not aware of their options or rights. Even when our firm is unable to handle your potential case/issue, Brian will make certain to refer you to the right attorney, every time. Mr. Bennett said: "Our help is always available. I feel honored when someone trusts our firm to manage their legal needs. One of my biggest concerns is that before anyone is charged a dime, they are getting the most honest analysis of their situation, even if that is not what they want to hear." 

"I would like to practice at least one case in each of our states' 92 counties before my career comes to an end" says Bennett. He enjoys learning of the historical significance each county has in relation to the state as a whole, the detail and care in design/maintenance of the beautiful structures and Courtrooms. Additionally, the  He has coached Pop Warner football for many years, proudly watching his "men" win Valparaiso, Indiana's first ever Mid-America Region Championship - Pee Wee Division III in 2011, played co-ed softball for many years, and is an avid Harley Davidson rider.

As a member of the local H.O.G. Chapter, Brian served formerly as its assistant director. Today, Brian "races" motocross in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. While he admits he is definately not the carefree - win at all costs competitor of his youth, he most enjoys the brotherhood of the other racers and the feeling of landing a big jump across a finish line [even if its winning second place in a class of TWO!].  

Regardless of your concern, or location, call our office to setup your free 30 minute consultation. 


[Brian's beloved Screamin' Eagle Limited V-Rod at a site of Transformers II Movie Set, Gary, Indiana



 [Bennett - x411 of the Gate at Trojan MX]

Brian was recently asked what his interest in Racer X is based on. "I initially chose that monicker for motocross. I started when I was already 47 years old. My first "race" was at RedBud! I learned instantly from the gate that street riding and playing in the dirt in no way prepares you to enter a motocross track. What a mess! I really didn't want to embarass my biker friends or family with using my real name. As time went on, I kept getting asked about Racer X - and I realized something really awesome. I recalled watching Speed Racer all the time as a kid. Several years before I entered racing - I purchased an original RACER X painting from the artist.  I always knew he was always one of my favorite characters. It turns out, the real meaning of this character to me is that I wanted to be the person who shows up just when you need help the most. I want to make sure my client's prevail - and that the law I so believe in is upheld. Then - just as you celebrate that the long, painful legal matter you fought is over - I want to already be gone. The older I get the chessier I've become".


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