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Collaboration and Mediation

The legal process can, and often is, very difficult at times. First and foremost, it can be incredibly costly financially. Let's face it, you can quite quickly spend a year's collegiate tuition costs litigating a particular issue. I have never met anyone who would rather pay for another person's child to attend college rather than their own!

There are phenomonal mediators in every community! While I will not mention names here, there are several that have done amazing work with even the most challenging situations and clients. Additionally, there are Courts that will require mediation occur before a Hearing will be permitted to be scheduled at all. 

Many clients and potential clients struggled to raise the retainer in their case to afford an attorney. When they hear they may also have to pay at least 50% of the retainer for yet another person, they are overwhelmed. This is when, in my opinion, the most important case discussions must occur by your potential attorney. The actual savings experienced when mediation is successful is monumental. At the end of the day, your attorney should have been brutally honest with you regarding their "opnion" on the position/remedies you are seeking. I do not mean, "we can fight for......", but rather "you will most likely get..." are necesary to completly understand before even entering litigation. 

For example, family law is one of the more emotionally charged areas of legal practice on all involved. The parties are quite emotional at their particular beliefs and needs, especially regarding their children. The attorneys, who often are the primary sounding board for their clients, can get overwhelmed with assisting their clients' legal needs while attmepting to help with the emotional toll litigation adds. The judical level is no less strained. Keep in mind that your judge is most likely  a parent, and/or grandparent. Regardless of their personal familial relationships, they are posed with unprepared attorneys, ill advised clients, parents who refuse to change their positions no matter how illogical, as well as working very hard to reach decisions that are aligned with the law. When there are children involved, who better to make parenting choices that the child's parents? 

Mediation is an opportunity to "work together" toward a resolution that best suits a particular family's needs. It also does not contribute

[like litigation often does] to the animosity between family members. Below is a brief video titled: Real Dialog. Real Answers. Alternative Dispute Resolution,

by the Judical Branch of Indiana. The caption for this video states, "This video explains the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution

(sometimes known as Mediation) to settle court cases in Indiana. Mediation is often an appropriate choice in settling family-related cases". 

Make sure to write down any questions, thoughts or concerns you have and discuss them with your attorney. If you are interested in recommendations 

for mediators we believe have done great work in a particular area of law/issue in your community, call or email us at




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