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     Our law firm offers professional legal representation in many areas - including Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate, Business/Corporations, Wills/Estates and more. We recommend interviewing the specific attorney who will be working on your case to determine if they are the right person for you. Many of our clients share stories of prior experiences that proved frustrating at best.

     We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients' expectations in all areas. While we cannot offer assurances - of any kind toward a particular outcome - we strive to assure our clients we are diligently working on their matter - and are available as they request within 24 hours.

     Our team recognizes that regardless of the number of clients we assist in a day - each case deserves the time, care and compassion to the best of our ability. Our staff provide a welcoming, pleasant environment to share your details in absolute confidentiality with a legal professional. Whether you are seeking a divorce, property settlement, adoption or other personal matter - we are the law firm you should meet before you committ to anyone.

     Bennett Legal provides extensive support through the most challenging of situations. And we attempt to offer the lowest possible costs to maximize the affordability of your attorney's services within your budget. For those who recently experienced a criminal arrest - we can sometimes assist in your case for a cash bond paid for your release. While we cannot do so in all cases - this is often a means to reduce any upfront costs required dramatically.

     Call our firm first. If we are unable to assist you effectively - we will refer you to another attorney you can interview - if we are able to accept your case - win or lose - you will know your legal team worked hard on your behalf and exceeded your expectations for care - professionalism - availablity and effectiveness.

Our Staff






Cassey Daugherty, Office Manager - cassey@bennettlegalservices.com

As our office manager, Mrs. Cassey Daugherty has made significant improvements to our ability to better streamline our practice. Cassey is committed to client satisfaction and works diligently to coordinate many aspects of our firm.  Thankfully, her family is supportive of the many training programs and hours she puts into making our office the best environment for those we serve. 

From managing the firm's busy telephone service, to scheduling client/new intake appointments, you will find her incredibly attentive, kind and task oriented. The support staff of your legal team are THE key team members who are responsible for the overall success of those they support.

Lisa Calhoun, Paralegal - lcalhoun@bennettlegalservices.com

Ms. Calhoun has been an integral member of the legal profession for more than twenty-years, and has enjoyed her career as a team member at several of the most prestigious Porter County firms. Her experience covers nearly every type of law, from family to wills/estate planning. Lisa's skills, dedication to client/case management are unparallelled. She is an integral member of our team - working very hard for the clients of this firm.



















Media Releases

May 2016: Brian Bennett, Premier DUI Attorney, New Member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys

Brian Bennett of Valparaiso, Indiana was recently granted Membership into the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys after the Association confirmed that he has the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys has compiled information from Judges, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (the Top DUI Prosecutors in each State), DUI Prosecutors, current Law Enforcement Officers, former Law Enforcement Officers, and DUI Defense Attorneys to determine exactly what skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial.

When people need a DUI Attorney, the biggest challenge is knowing whether or not an attorney truly has the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases. Countless attorneys handle DUI cases.  But, only a very small percentage have the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys have received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys also have access to the resources and tools that are used to win and successfully resolve DUI cases and these are resources and tools that only a very small percentage of DUI attorneys have access to and use.

To learn more about Brian Bennett, please visit http://www.bennett-legal.com/ or http://www.aapda.org/directory/name/brian-bennett/

To learn more about the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, please visit http://www.aapda.org/

Information in this press release is the opinion of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys (AAPDA), and the use of the AAPDA logo, is the opinion of AAPDA that members have met AAPDA's proprietary selection criteria.  AAPDA does not guarantee or imply the competence level of any attorney, whether or not they are a member of AAPDA.  When hiring an attorney, a person should personally contact the attorney and confirm the attorney's skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, strategies and other credentials.  Any decision to hire an attorney should be based on a person's satisfaction, after contacting the attorney, that the attorney hired is who they feel comfortable with and want to represent them.  The specific outcome of each DUI case cannot be anticipated or guaranteed by AAPDA, or anyone else, as many factors can affect the outcome of each individual case.

American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys
PO Box 1055
Middleton, ID  83644

Our Community

Our Staff is committed to your community. Below are a few media covered events/coverage, which our Team participated and/or expressed opinions. If you are interested in requesting a professional speaker to address your group or organization - call the Law Firm today. The engagements are scheduled based on availability and typically without any cost to you or your organization. Topics include, the legal/judicial process, working schools/special education, adoptions, crime/criminal procedure, expert witness/lay witness appearances/preparations for Court, child/adolesent - Juvenile Delinquency, Indiana Department of Child Services/Assessments - CHINS, protecting your constitutional rights/law enforcement interactions, and many more. Speaking engagements have included public/private schools, colleagues, therapists/psychologists, private clubs/organizations, fraternities and sororities. Conact us with the specific area of interest - objectives, and a customized workshop/discussion forum can be developed to serve your specific needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana Supreme Court presented the Bicentennial Bash celebrating Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday on February 12, 2009. Our firm participated at a local facility by providing a presentation to high school aged youth about the 16th President's career as an attorney, his life as well as the civil duties afforded and required by each citizen of the United States of America.

"Dear Mr. Bennett,

Thank you so much for coming to Shults-Lewis this afternoon. What an impressive job you did in your presentation. The kids were so taken by your stories and slideshow. Words simply cannot express what an impact individuals make on these impressionable children. They are so influenced for the better when success is put before them to see. I often use a saying when I speak of the kids; “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the apples in a seed”. Thank you for planting the seeds today.

Matthew French"


























- The photos below were provided by the host school photographer - Mathew James French, Assistant Director of Development.



Post Tribune photographs a friendly neighbor
and his son as they clear the walkway in front of the law firm

An article by Bennett for the
Valparaiso University School of Law
Newspaper - The Forum





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